Growing up, Courtney was that friend that always had a camera with them and was always photographing everything and everyone.  As with many things though, she dropped off taking photos as she got busier as a working adult.  Then covid happened, and her entire industry shut down.  She found herself with a lot more time and wanting to get out in nature.  And that made her want to take photos again.  She got out her old dslr that was gathering dust and dove in.  She’s rediscovered a love of being outdoors and along the way she’s getting great images (and some not so great ones).  With a new found focus, she’s grown in her photography over the past several years.  Plus she just loves that there is always something new to learn, a new technique to try, or a new place to visit.  Flowers are a particular favorite subject as there are a thousand different ways all to capture the same subject.