Both of my images were taken at or near a place that is very dear to me, an old mountain summer house that belonged to my great Aunt Lucy. I often think of it as my Hiraeth. When the house was going to be sold I took photos of it as a way to save it. The daylily sat on a shelf above an old sink in the room where my aunt slept. The other photo was taken in the creek across the street. I have loved playing in creeks since being a kid and taking pictures there is how I continue to do so.



Ginger Goekjian is an untrained photographer who took her first photos at the age of 55 at the encouragement of her husband, Karekin, himself a photographer. She was born in 1954 in South Carolina and worked for over thirty years in science at the University of Georgia to help support the family. When Karekin put a camera in her hands he opened a whole new world for her, one that she continues to explore with curiosity, love and delight. She and Karekin currently live on Sapelo Island, Georgia.