Cost of unframed images:

18″ x 24″ + 4″ border – $650.00 + $30.00 S&H

24″ x 32″ + 4″ border – $950.00 + $35.00 S&H
30″ x 40″ + 4″ border – $1,250.00 + $40.00 S&H
Shared edition of 10
42″ x 56″ + 4″ border – $1,750.00 + $40.00 S&H
Edition of 3Edition of 3 APs

Limited Editon
Archival Pigment Print
Signed in ink on label verso

From the moment I first held a camera in my hands and witnessed the alchemy of capturing a singular moment, photography became an enduring love affair—an endless pursuit of fleeting beauty and hidden narratives. Over five decades as a photographer, my work revolves around the art of observation, aimed at revealing overlooked details and the enchantment within the ordinary. I am drawn to those ephemeral instances—a person on a stoop with a beer, a lake shedding its morning fog, a magnolia blossom by a gas station—each a unique memory I cherish and hope to share with others. My imagery invites introspection: do you see what I see? Can you feel the magic of that singular pivotal moment?
My photographic style gravitates towards the extremes of visual expression, embracing either stark minimalism or profound intricacy. I capture memories through the lens, often favoring black-and-white tones and selective focus to evoke the haziness of recollection. Blurred edges and nuanced points of clarity mimic the subjective lens of memory—imbued with beauty and sentiment, even if lacking in detail.

Through intentional composition and selective focus, I guide viewers to immerse themselves in a singular moment, offering an experience that transcends the still image. I aim to create art that becomes a cherished part of others’ lives, adorning their walls with beauty and evoking the emotions of a fleeting moment immortalized.

James, a native of East Tennessee, draws inspiration from his upbringing exploring the rivers, valleys, and mountains of the Cherokee National Forest. With over five decades of experience, his creative journey includes pivotal leadership roles at Disney Publishing, WebMD, and Red Hat. James leads Ridge Road, a boutique design consultancy specializing in print, interactive, digital film, animation, and exhibition design. Throughout his career, he has achieved award-winning creative direction in advertising and publishing, with his design work featured in prestigious publications like the Print Regional Annual and Communication Arts. James’s passion for photography has also been recognized, with his artwork showcased at the Society of Publication Designers’ annual charity auction in New York.