I am a visual artist that uses photography to narrate and construct identity in Experimental Self Portraiture, to explore subjects in emotional abstract, and to create images that show how details and color interact in the world.  My theatrical and vocal performance background inspires me to explore psyche, spirit, ego, and soul: creating current characters with personal and dynamic stories.  I like to capture scenes from my play, and I also like the out takes.  It is my desire to connect to the viewer in a meaningful way by exploring multiple sides of me: the light and dark, the quiet and the movement, and the smooth and textured.  I use my camera and eye for detail to visit the complicated fringe of my personality and my relationships. Every photo I take is a part of my curiosity and “double” inner world. I seek a co

All images are created from photos I take with my cameras and I use multiple exposure, intentional camera movement, and blur to support my narrative.



Leanne Trivett S. is a photographer and visual artist using her personal photographs to explore experimental self portraiture, florals, and the emotional abstract.

She graduated with a BFA in Theatre from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in NY, NY.  Her background in musical theatre and her experience performing as a professional singer have inspired her creation of characters and self expression through images and photography.  She is best known for her colorful and current self portraits and her work with florals. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in venues like the Los Angeles Center for Photography, the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, PH21 Gallery in Budapest, etc. Her Work has been published and can be seen on the cover and in several issues of Art Ascent International Magazine, ARTDOC Magazine, Dodho Magazine in Barcelona for Monochrome, Color, Portrait, and Fine Art Awards in 2022, 2023, 2024, several editions of Black & White Magazine, and in multiple special edition exhibition books.  She was chosen as Winner and Honorable Mention for The 18th and 20th Annual Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers in 2022 and 2023, placed second in People and Portraits for Digital Photo 2022, received honorable mention in the ND Awards,  and is teaching at Sante Fe Workshops, SE Center for Photography, Chicago Botanic Garden, and Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island near Seattle., She spends her free time traveling and creating in her artist studio near Asheville, NC.

All images created from her photos she takes with her cameras and she uses multiple exposure, intentional camera movement, and blurr to support her narrative.

CV and Artist Statement available and on her website, www.LeanneTrivettSphotography.com

Facebook – Leanne Trivett Stent