Dr. Bill Lutin was born in Tennessee, where he spent the first 30 years

of his life and has lived in Georgia 30 years. He is a photographer who got

his start 53 years ago working in scientific and medical photography in the

days of wet chemicals and silver-based photo prints. Bill recently retired

after a 31-year career in pediatric cardiology. During that time, Bill had the

opportunity to travel extensively as a clinician and teacher, and he has

always carried a camera with him, capturing images of our world and

rendering it as he sees it onto prints. About 20 years ago, he began to

concentrate on nature photography. Bill believes in the fundamental beauty

of the world, the magic of light, and in the power that pictures have to

make us feel good. He is an active participant in the Healing Artist Program

at MCG, the Georgia Nature Photographers Association, the Audubon

Society, the American College of Cardiology, the American Academy of

Pediatrics, and the Sierra Club. His photographs have been published and

recognized with awards in local and regional competitions. Bill is married to

Kerry Kline and has two incredible and creative children, Mike and Mandie.

Their help, advice, support, and encouragement gave him the impetus to

share his images with the world. Bill can be contacted on Instagram

@billlutin or by e-mail: brightideasphoto@gmail.com.