Born in Boston, Robert S Johnson is a photographer based in New York City and in Wellfleet, Massachusetts where he lives with Katherine Alford and their son Asher.

Robert’s photographs have been exhibited internationally, from New York to Budapest. He has published seven photo books and his work is included in private collections.

Always a visual kid, he began taking pictures using his mother’s camera on family trips and on the grounds of the Boston State Hospital, aka “Boston Lunatic Hospital” founded in 1839, where he was raised.

Robert’s photography includes expansive project-based visual poems, including TRANSLUCENT, which he describes as a project without end. His photographs and photo essays appear frequently in the Provincetown Independent.

He has conducted workshops and lectured at the School of the New York Times Summer Academy, and Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill.

“As life happens to us all, we all face various challenges. As a photographer one of my challenges is that I am blessed with a condition known as Aphantasia. Merriam Webster defines Aphantasia as: “the inability to form mental images of real or imaginary people, places, or things.”

I believe that the result of this is that my other senses inform my photography.”

Robert S Johnson

Shot with an iPhone 6 and Post Processed in LR 12.1

Robert S Johnson

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