Hannah Thigpen (b. 2000, Macon, GA), is a photographer currently working and studying in Athens, GA. She is interested in the study of natural light and how it communicates different things when photographed on different materials. There is a certain feeling Hannah creates when she photographs. She pushes to evoke a nostalgic yet whimsical and comforting emotion for the viewer. Hannah is interested in photographing inanimate objects rather than people. She feels there is beauty in creating work that can be perceived in many different ways. Hannah likes to leave room for interpretation, rather than tell the viewer exactly what the photograph communicates. She has recently been working on a series that documents the space in which she lives in Athens, along with the study of natural light throughout the house. Hannah finds refuge in her home; therefore, she wants that same feeling to translate through her images. Upon viewing her images, Hannah wants the onlooker to feel invited and comforted, while also creating new and individual perspectives on her work.


Hannah will graduate with her BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia.