I am a former commercial photographer who experienced the world through my camera, I photographed many aspects from business to sports, portraits to landscapes, etc. I was good at making beautiful images of products to be marketed and that represented all sorts of stuff.


I am now learning to be an artist (I began devoting my attention to primarily making art in 2020 during the pandemic). I still use a camera, but my images are not literal photographs, I am more focused on processes and experimentation that have me looking inside of myself, discovering who i am, and what my values are. Now it’s not just photography, but something else. I call it art.


This shift required me to tear down preconceived ideas and methodical approaches with being in total control and priding myself on being a  perfectionist, to a new state of being, of letting go, playing, and ignoring many of the parameters and rules i had previously observed.


I find myself a tougher client as an artist, especially compared to the big corporate clients i served. Vulnerability is a new quality to my life.


The images I have in this show represent abstracted visions of the Palouse, an agricultural area in Eastern Washington State. I represent the hills as melodies. I I think of these lines from the Sound of Music “The hills are alive with the sound of music”. In my case they are representative of jazz and soul in which the melodies playfully go up and down the scales of sound.


I own very high-end equipment for professional assignment work, but use any tool available to me, from small pocket size cameras, to scanning and collage.


I have taught myself to be a fairly decent photoshop artist, and I use a variety of software tools on my computer.