Fascinated with visual art and movement in dance, my artistic nature began in childhood. I was deeply affected by still images in media from magazines that spread information about a far-off war in Vietnam, the MoMA photography show called The Family of Man by Steichen, the shock of a Diane Arbus monograph as well as fashion photographers Scavullo and Avedon. Growing up in Charleston, SC I was exposed to the fullness and depth of creative possibilities when I saw stage productions during the annual Spoleto Festival. I was hooked when I saw how a photo came to life in a developer tray during a summer camp for young artists during my junior year of high school at the Atlanta College of Art.

Today I reside in Athens, GA where I have worked steadily in the medium of photography since 2014. Prior to that, I was an award-winning graphic designer for over 20 years. I was educated at RISD, NYU and The University of the Arts. I have always practiced and experimented with the art of photography as an art form for many decades prior and today I am able to devote myself full-time to my artistic efforts.