Bryan’s passion for photography began simply as wanting to take photos to share of his scruffy rescue mutts. Soon he fell in love with photography and expanded from telling stories of Hula and Bean Sprout’s adventures in Atlanta to telling stories of Atlanta and its residents. Recently, Bryan has used the camera to explore memory and emotion, in particular the space between his life in active addiction and his time in sobriety.

Born and raised in New York, he lived on both coasts, but found his home in Atlanta. Bryan worked for almost two decades in local government and non-profits, before finding his love of photography. The same enthusiasm to help his community that attracted Bryan to government and non-profit work guides his photography.

Equipment used for the photo –

Canon 90D – 85mm 1.8 lens

In studio with a 600w main light with a 48 inch softbox. and 2 300w rim lights.


Instagram: @BryanGalganoPhotography