Jaimie is a lens based interdisciplinary artist. Her work is rooted in place in a spiritual way within the natural world. She explores different themes but the ideas throughout are connection to the universal through nostalgic appeal to a place. There is a comforting solidarity and peaceful longing about the past and a photograph is already in the past. Currently exploring digital with edited and some composited images, she prints the images on archival papers, then further manipulates with hand-coloring, painting, and sometimes encaustics.  The results are often described as ethereal.

A second passion is the still life, specifically Botanicals.

Jaimie has a long use photography of traditional film and silver gelatin, Cyanotype, Van Dyke, Photograms, photo manipulations, infrared, and other alternative processes. As a fine art major, she began exploring hand tinting, coloring, and painting of photographs with oils, pencils, and water based media while at the university.

She has been in many galleries, press, and venues. Pieces are in private, public, and corporate collections.