Photographing insects is something I started to do while on my bird walks. I couldn’t always get a photo of a bird – sometimes, I couldn’t even see the bird! But insects were always around, so I began aiming my camera at flowers to capture the little guys buzzing about. I quickly realized how little I knew about the insect world, which both excited and humbled me. Gardens have since become my favorite places to photograph, and photographing insects has taught me to slow down and pay more attention to the world around me. Insects like the drone fly have helped me appreciate the tiny creatures who play such an important role in keeping nature healthy and functioning.
Bio: Rachel Berardinelli is a nature enthusiast in New York City who enjoys photographing birds, insects, and flowers.
When not in the parks she enjoys spending her time at movie theaters or at home with her rescue cat. Rachel’s photography has been featured as an album cover for the Michigan musician Creep Church, and published in the poetry anthology, Flora/Fauna. She’s had a film review published in American Birding Association magazine, and infrequently updates her own movie blog. By day she’s a lawyer. You can see more of her photo work at and on Instagram: @serpent_club/.